About Us

Hello folks,

It is a pleasure to see you here at www.oshobooksinmumbai.com

Let me begin by introducing myself first before I share more about the bookshop. 

I am Anand Utsav, which as Osho says, means joyful celebration, and this book shop is my biggest ever expanding & an unending celebration. The feeling of spreading Osho's love, through his videos and books, came as the most wonderful way to be with Him & share His love and light as far as one possibly could. 

Oshobooks, initially started as a small book store, in the late 80s, just around the corner in Malad, Mumbai, an area with the day-to-day traffic of all kinds of people and rickshaws and trucks. Slowly, it emerged to be a place, of warmth and care, where people of all age group, found something which touched their heart. They became family. 

And with the Love and Blessings of Osho and the beautiful company of this huge family, who joined in the way, Oshobooks has now become a dream come true. With technology bringing the world together, now gives an opportunity, to us, to share our flavor globally.

I hope you have a great experience here at www.oshobooksinmumbai.com