• Finger Pointing to the Moon

Finger Pointing to the Moon

Talks on the Adhyatma Upanishad

These seventeen talks on the Adhyatma Upanishad were given at a meditation camp at Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Osho has talked on many of the Upanishads. Of them, he says, "They are not religious scriptures. They are poetic expressions of those who have known.

They are not Hindu, they are not Buddhist, they are not Jaina; they don’t belong to any religion. They are the experiences of individuals sitting at the feet of their master - and when the experience overwhelmed them they danced, they sang, they uttered strange statements. And these were not made by their minds; it was almost as if they were just hollow bamboos. Existence has made them flutes; it was existence itself singing a song. That’s why no Upanishad carries the name of its writer.

"This Upanishad is a direct encounter with spirituality. There are no doctrines in it; there are only experiences of the fulfilled ones. In it there is no discussion of that which is born out of curiosity or inquisitiveness, no. In it there are hints to those who are full of longing for liberation from those who have already attained liberation."





Finger Pointing to the Moon

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