• Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Transforming Fear, Anger, and Jealousy into Creative Energy 

How do we reconcile our need to express our emotions with our desire to get along with others? Far too often we find ourselves trapped in this dilemma of “expression” versus “repression.” We fear that by expressing our true feelings, we will hurt and alienate those close to us. But by repressing our emotions—even in the benevolent guise of “self-control”—we only risk hurting ourselves.

Here, Osho provides a practical and comprehensive approach to dealing with this conflict effectively. Emotional Wellness leads us to understand the roots of our emotions, to respond to situations in a way that can teach us more about ourselves and others, and to navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs with greater confidence and equilibrium. 

o The impact that fear, anger, and jealousy have on our lives
o How emotions like guilt, insecurity, and fear are used to manipulate us
o How to break out of unhealthy patterns of dealing with strong emotions
o How to transform destructive emotions into creative energy
o The role of society and culture on our individual emotional “styles”



Emotional Wellness

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