• Absolute Tao

Absolute Tao

Talks on Fragments from Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Osho says speaking on Lao Tzu is like speaking on himself – and you can feel this throughout the book. Tao, like Osho, is the way of wholeness: not dividing anything, not denying anything, simply remaining choiceless and aware. 

Rather than reading this book, you will find yourself listening to it as if it were a waterfall. And as you listen, you will come to understand why Osho and Lao Tzu emphasize hollowness, emptiness. When you can be nourished by emptiness, you are in touch with the eternal. 

And this connection with the eternal comes through a dancing being. The more you dance outwardly, the more an inner dance becomes possible and the inner emptiness becomes blissful, ecstatic, eternal.

Absolute Tao

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