Reflections on Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet

Osho loves Gibran, but, unlike the millions before him who have just extolled the beauty and splendor of his words, he sees not only where Gibran soars and takes flight, but also the times where his words fall again to the earth – still beautiful, but ultimately missing an existential depth. 

In Reflections, Osho examines Gibran’s poetic explorations of life – and goes further. He looks at whether Gibran is “a mystic of the highest order,” simply a poet “who speaks in words of gold” – or perhaps an extraordinary mixture of the two. 

Throughout this book, Osho comprehensively trounces the so-called religious and philosophical approaches to life. All that is of worth is to be found, not in the extraordinary, but in the ordinary; not in fantastical ideas of the other world but in this very world that we find ourselves in. In short, this book shows that making a simple yet utterly basic shift in our lives will awaken the silence in our beings and bring joy into our every moment. 

“Kahlil Gibran… The very name brings so much ecstasy and joy that it is impossible to think of another name comparable to him. Just hearing the name, bells start ringing in the heart which do not belong to this world. Kahlil Gibran is pure music, a mystery, such that only poetry can sometimes grasp, but only sometimes.” 







Reflections on Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet

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