• Inner War and Peace (International Edition)

Inner War and Peace (International Edition)

Timeless Solutions to Conflict from the Bhagavad Gita

One of the most famous of Hindu scriptures, The Bhagvad Gita is presented in the form of a dialog between the enlightened Krishna and the great archer and seasoned warrior, Arjuna. The dialog takes place on the eve of the Mahabharata, the climactic “Great War” of India that occurred some 5000 years ago. 

The war grew out of a dispute about which of two branches of the royal family, the Pandavas or the Kauravas, should inherit the kingdom, the center of which was close to Delhi. Arjuna was on the Pandava’s side but on the eve of battle -- as he saw many family members, friends and relatives gathering to fight on the opposing side -- he was faced with the stark realization that to engage in the war would mean killing “his own people.”

Krishna, who was related to both sides of the royal family, played the role of Arjuna’s charioteer and “life coach.” And as he speaks to Arjuna he helps him to see, step by step, that the roots of his anguish lie in his identification with his mind and all its unconscious patterns and conditionings.

In the series of talks transcribed and collected in this volume, Osho calls the Bhagvad Gita “the first psychological scripture,” available to the East long before Freud, Adler and Jung. And how Krishna approaches the dysfunctional Arjuna’s problems – all our problems – can only be appreciated once we really understand how the human mind actually functions.




Inner War and Peace (International Edition)

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